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etcetera journal for emptyed!
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Welcome to aegeria! This is the etcetera journal for emptyed that focuses on writing. Here you can expect to find poetry, short stories, book reviews, pages from my hard copy journal, mixes and recipes!

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10th-Dec-2009 05:58 pm - icons | stock
At some point in time I made some icons apparently. I found them on my photobucket account!

credit aegeria or emptyed
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14th-Apr-2009 06:04 pm - Welcome to Ægeria!
Welcome to aegeria ! This is the etcetera journal for emptyed that focuses on writing. All posts will be friends locked within 5 days of original posting date for obvious reasons. Please join the community to see the posts after they expire on the public forum. Also remember that if you have a critique of anything people let me know in the comments.

If you also have a etcetera community with a focus on writing then please feel free to affiliate with me! I am always looking for affiliates. Please comment on this post and I will add you to my affiliate list.

Since things do go friends only after 5 days I have included a list of all works in this journal as a reference.

Writing Reference Collapse )
stock  |  red herre |  the sea  |  whims
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